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Progression and Return

Vessels wall hangings, Zeffa Designs
Pompeii wall hanging, Zeffa Designs

For years I worked as a textile designer, creating prints for the home furnishings industry. When I started out, I used paper, pencils, brushes and gouache paints to create original designs. Later I used a scanner, a computer screen, a stylus, and a printer. The process of color creation also changed, from seeing a color in my mind’s eye and mixing it by hand, to clicking on points within a digital color wheel, with infinite options. Very different tools. Very different mindset.

With my current work, the physical materials are once again central to my process. Whether it be creating wall hangings or wooden structures, the force that drives the work is my interaction with the fabrics, the reeds, the paints, or the wood.

These pieces come into being through a series of conversations, between my hands and the materials I use, between my imagination and the qualities inherent in these materials, between what can be expressed and what remains internal. Ultimately, the conversation becomes one between the finished work and the sensibilities of the viewer – a connection established, hopefully a source of further musings and inspiration.
Interior Space: Chartreuse wooden structure, Zeffa Designs

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